Meet the Executive Director

Me and Tayler

Hi, my name is Tessa Tauck, I live in Hammond, MT and am married to Jess and we have one son, Grady who is eleven months old. I have been part of the Powder River Farm in the Dell from the very beginning. Here is my story.

I was born and raised in Broadus, but went to elementary and high school in Columbus. That is where I came to have admiration for people with special needs; I had a girl in my class who had extensive needs. I loved watching her make progress one small step at a time. She was always so happy and enjoying life. I went on to college and moved back to Broadus in 2004. When the need for a one-on-one position came about at Broadus Schools they called and asked if I was interested. I started that week. I didn’t know where it would go but God did. I worked with Tayler Randall for seven years. In those years, I watched him grow in so many ways. I’m so amazed at the wonderful, kind and funny young man that he is. In those years, he not only grew, I did as well. He taught me so much about life including how to enjoy the small things and not to get so worked up about things you have no control over. In the time I worked with Tayler I also got to know his family. When the Randall family shared their long term plans for Tayler and how that would help other families with children with special needs, I knew I was going to be involved. Their quest to find a model to implement in Broadus led them to the Farm in the Dell, International. Their Christian and rural model fit into our community and what Randall’s wanted for their son. I didn’t know what my role would be with the Powder River Farm in the Dell but I knew I was going to be part of it somehow. This is wonderful thing to be involved in, where people with special needs can have a life where they can learn new skills in family style atmosphere, and grow in the Lord while enjoying the beauty of the Powder River. This journey is not over and I can’t wait to see where it is going to go.

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We Are Licensed!


Powder River Farm in the Dell (PRFID) is proud to announce that we have received our formal license! This is the culmination of an 11 month process. We are now licensed by the State of Montana under the program that provides community homes for persons with developmental disabilities. Even though we are now licensed PRFID does not receive any Federal or State funding. Our funding is provided by residents and also through private donations. State licensing demonstrates to our residents, families and the community that PRFID meets the standard to provide the best quality of care for those who live in our home. To maintain licensing PRFID will be inspected at least annually as required.

Why the Farm in the Dell?

Farm in the Dell, International is a nondenominational, non-profit organization, committed to providing life long care for adults with developmental disabilities. Through faith, family, and a farm environment, along with the transforming power of Jesus Christ, their mission is to serve one another in a spirit of Christian love.

The Farm in the Dell, International is located in Helena. They come along side communities that would like to start a Farm.

“A Farm in the Dell” is different from a standard group home in that it is located in a rural area and it includes vocational training and experience on site. The resident may live here for their life time. We want them to call this home. The Farm in the Dell also provides important opportunities for community integration.

There are four location in Montana in Butte, Kalispell, Great Falls and Helena and two international locations in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The Farm in the Dell concept originated in the early 1980’s in Helena, Montana when a group of parents met to discuss the idea of building a HOME in the country and having individuals with developmental disabilities live and work on the property. These members of the community approached the Bartels, originally from Butte, who had built a farm for developmentally disabled in the Flathead Valley. This was the beginning of a journey to provide HOMES where individuals living at a Farm in the Dell would become valued members of their communities and gain the self-respect that every person needs and deserves.

The Farm in the Dell program relies on the support and “ownership” of local communities. This community bond ensures that the residents of the farm are contributing members of the community, building lives full of love, respect and fulfillment.

Each “farm” is established with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

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We’re just getting started here at the Powder River Farm in the Dell, and we’ve got a lot to put on the site in the coming weeks. If you’d like to get in touch, we’ll have our contact page up shortly, and we’ll put up donation links as well.


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